The New Driver

“That One Chick” #11

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The very day I got my first driver’s license I took the car out for a solo drive. The first place I went was to Snelgrove’s Ice Cream Parlor–I believe I ordered Bubble Gum flavor. On the way home a bunch of guys in a truck started harassing me–you know, driving up really close and hollering and cat-calling–that sort of thing. Here I was for the first  time alone and they were scaring me half to death, driving all crazy and honking at me. I didn’t know what to do–no cell phones in those days to call for help with. I approached the intersection with these dopey guys right up behind me just as the light turned yellow. I slowed to a stop and then just as the light switched to red I gunned the engine and ran it–leaving the bad guys behind. It was such a relief to be rid of these clowns and I felt rather triumphant…that is until the flashing lights appeared in my rear view mirror.

It was all I could do not to burst into tears as I explained my plight to the police officer. But no matter what I said, he just saw me as a silly, emotional teenager. That is, until the same guys drove by in their huge truck hanging out the windows screeching with laughter because I was getting a ticket. Then he believed me—

but he still gave me a ticket.

The next week, I told the judge the whole experience and he didn’t make me pay the ticket.

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It took me a while to enjoy driving again.

But you’ll be pleased to know that I’m over it now…


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11 Replies to “The New Driver”

  1. How funny, but scary at the time I am sure. Too bad the officer didn’t go after those boys. Hopefully the ice cream was worth it!!!!

  2. I don’t have a reason.. but it took me a while to like driving too! I don’t mind it sooo much now, but when there are crazies on the road it’s NOT fun! I’m glad you didn’t end up having to pay!

  3. The first time I went driving, with my permit, and while turning right, I hit the left curb and popped my front driver side tire. My mom was too scared to drive with me for months, so finally we found someone else to teach me how to drive. But I have never gotten cat calls or anything like that while driving.

  4. I got my first ticket with your daughter Lyndi in the car. You might remember the story. Lyndi could fill you in. There was no getting out of the ticket, no appearing before a judge, just lots of giggles.

  5. LOTS of giggles!!! I SOOO remember that… and really my Mom should too, because she called us RIGHT when it happened! 😛 Ha ha ha!!! So funny!

  6. ugh. my first ticket was in manti, driving to the pageant.
    it was the middle of nowhere and i think i was going 70.
    the cop was so mean!!!
    and i cried.
    and then i had to pay like $130.
    so lame.

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