The Parakeet Who Was.

When I was a rolly, polly, rubber-doll of a baby, we had this parakeet named Percy. From what I’ve heard he was a friendly sort and let even the scariest of creatures hold him–as shone above. Apparently, we kids could just walk around with a stick or pencil for him to perch on and he’d just sit there like his life was in no way being threatened by the 100 ft. baby. Yikes. The story goes, that 1-1/2 seconds after this picture was snapped those sweet, dimply baby paws grabbed up that poor unsuspecting birdy and gave him the toddler version of a one handed bear hug. My mama had to pry him from my grasp before he became “The Parakeet Who Was.”

Fear not. He lived.

Didn’t particularly care for baby-face Nelson any more…but he lived.

I swear. I can prove it.

You see, he went on to star in several family Christmas cards before finally passing on to the big Animal Kingdom in the sky…of causes completely unrelated to the baby grip of death.

But he always liked my big brother the best.

No earthly idea why.


4 Replies to “The Parakeet Who Was.”

  1. So is that why I named my bird Percy? I thought it was a Scarlett Pimpernell thing. Hah! I’ve never seen the little one of you! I like seeing all these old pictures surfacing! 😀

  2. Yes, yes. It was a nostalgic suggestion. Although, the Pimpernel did make it that much easier to convince you that it was a particularly cool name.

    heh, heh…

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