The Mummy Dog Dudes

A mummy dog 032

What a perfect, spooky snack for your little ghouls on Halloween night–or any night for that matter. Serve these creepy cuties with a bowl of soup and they’ll be ready for whatever haunts the evening brings.

We used Turkey Franks and a refrigerated tube of Pillsbury bread sticks.

a mummy dog 003

Open the bread sticks–really isn’t that the spookiest part? I hate those exploding tubes. Get somebody else to do if if you’re like me. Then cut all the dough strips in half lengthwise.

a mummy dog 005

Roll each strip just a bit so that it longer…

a mummy dog 007

and wind up your little mummy babies any way you want. Leave a small space for the face to poke out.

a mummy dog 008

If you want to–tear some strips and lay them on here and there for a tattered bandage effect.

A mummy dog 020

Bake mummies at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or however long it takes for the wrappings to get nice and toasty brown.

A mummy dog 034

Daub tiny mustard or ketchup eyes on their faces with a sucker stick or a paintbrush.

A mummy dog 024

Arrange them on a serving platter and…

A mummy dog 022

feed them to your friends.

9 Replies to “The Mummy Dog Dudes”

  1. That is such a cute idea! My mom will love these – she’s always wanting clever food ideas for our Halloween party each year. And I agree with April – that statue is pretty creepy!

    P.S. I did my door with the bats (though I just used black card stock ’cause I already have a ton of it.) Pictures to come on my blog…

  2. From my vast travels around the world. Ha ha. I actually read a ton of magazines and save everything forever to use–SOMEDAY.

  3. I made these mummy dogs a few weeks back. But I used crescent rolls as that was what I had on hand. They still turned out cute & yummy. And I too hate the exploding cans.

  4. I have to agree about the creepy-mummy-man..ick..but in a good know, with Halloween and all..
    The Mummy Dogs are adorable! I need to send this to my daughter..thanks !

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