The Farmer’s Market~ Gardner Villiage

 Ooooh–it’s that Farmer’s Market time of year again! If you know us, even a teensy bit, you know that we adore scoping out all the great local vendors every summer. Only problem is that we have so many to choose from!

There are a few close to home, some down a bit more south of us, and a couple to the north. We picked the Gardner Village in Salt Lake City this time. Pretty fun to have the booths, the vendors, the food, and all these critters right outside the pretty village shops.

When it got too hot, and it was really hot, we could duck into the shade of the store front or step into the air conditioned shop itself. I had a clever idea to buy the shave ice from one booth and pour pure carrot juice from another over it–instead of the sugar syrup, and believe it or not, it was fabulous! Magoo agreed with me.

While the kids went roaming around, I sat with Magoo listening to this guitar man playing old Kenny Rogers tunes with a touch of Eagles thrown in here and there. I had to wonder if these youngsters had ever even heard the songs before. Some of them were from my high school days–a million years ago. It was a soothing little time warp, I’ll tell you.

Mr. Beck got himself quite a ride on a feisty little pony…

while Miss Chompy found a fluttering butterfly in a jar.

April got a lovely henna tattoo–that will wash off in a couple of weeks…

while the kids got face paint that will wash off pretty much when they get back home. Heh, heh.

Oh, and did I mention the fruit? A huge box of peaches followed us home, along with some glorious cinnamon bread, squeaky cheese, honey, some colored rocks, a butterfly in a jar and a homemade bar of Grapefruit soap. I have to say– this was so completely and perfectly…

my kind of day.

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  1. Yes! Farmer’s Markets are the WHIP! We discovered the one in SLC a couple weeks ago and I found the most beautiful red jasper necklace there, along with some divine honey! Really, this is what the gods on mt. olympus must use in their ambrosia tea! wow! Saw some amazing children musicians, a digoree do player (sp?), met an old artist friend from back in the day (he had just bought a booth and was trying his hand at selling art there). I thought it was funny that we both ended up at the same market on the same day, our 1st visit ever for both of us! There was a TON of delicious looking art and tasty fresh foods… but we were trying to be frugal with our cash. We don’t usually “buy” food with our cash since we are on foodstamps- but lo and behold! FOODSTAMPS ARE ACCEPTED at the SLC farmer’s market! ‘=O I was blown away! They have this machine where you purchase tokens and at certain vendors you can spend those tokens. I was amazed and although I have yet to try this method out, someday soon those fresh raspberries and peaches will be MINE! Farmer Markets…. definitely the tastiest way to spend summer weekends with your family. Its loads of fun and you don’t even have to spend a dime, just meeting all the farmers, honey bee handlers, artists and musicians (don’t forget the dogs on parade there!) is enough to make your whole week worth it! <3 <3 <3

  2. Yeah, I’m thinking that we’ll go to the Riverwoods one next…or Thanksgiving Point…or Provo. Guess we’ll decide…umm…later.

  3. Thanksgiving point? sounds like a win to me! I’d do one of the south ones this weekend because I am going down for my mom’s 50th birthday that same day but I’m sure they must close early so that might not work. If you are at Thanksgiving point sat morning, hope to see you there!!! That would be rad. Party on, woman 😉

  4. Well, I teach on Saturday mornings most of the time–that’s what makes this interesting. Some are open on Fridays, but most are closed by about 2pm on Saturday. So we have to make a real plan so that we can get there in time. The BYU FM is a great one too. Very small, but cozy and fun, right below the stadium. We went to that one like 3 times last year. Can’t really get enough peaches. :}

  5. Well you should have come to our house, dear. We had a million and one peaches. Gave them away by the box and still had some the next year, frozen. Sadly… we moved away from that house and its luscious peach trees. =\
    Anyway now that I have experienced the wonders that FM have to give, I think I will keep going back all summer, and like you, find new ones! The fun is in the hunt… see whats new out there and who you can meet at the next FM. Its a real joy ^_^ Its kind of like its own… shifting community of sorts!
    Speaking of which, I met yet another one of your fans… sometimes I meet young couples or more experienced families looking into hypnobirthing and they are either taking your class or picked up that book you use. Isn’t it great? I’m so happy to see such a wonderful practice spreading!

  6. I have never been, so this gives me something fun to do with my kids! 🙂 Sounds like they had so much fun. i loved the little butterfly. It will always be alive, that is my favorite part.
    Little chompy is the best. I still am in love with the little picture she drew for me. 🙂

  7. I’m in love with Farmer’s Markets. I could spend all my time {and money} there! 😀 Ha ha ha! I love the fresh food, the break from the norm and the whole atmosphere! 🙂 A lovely Summer activity… or activities! 😀

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