The Ancient Art of Omelet

Having “sporty” boys in our house always means—that eggs are on the menu. Anytime. Any way.

Want to strike terror in the heart of one of my sons? Just shout, “We’re out of eggs!”

I’m not kidding.

Many a job in these parts, has been accomplished with the promise of an omelet, fried egg sandwich or a scrambled plate. If someone needs cheering up after a disappointing game–we whip up the Classic Egg Bake.

Beats a LifeSaver any day.

When the whole troop is here we make what the bald kid calls “a full skillet.” No, I don’t eat that sausage–

–but the big boys will fight over it–so I let them.

They are bigger than me.

In truth, I could probably get the house painted in exchange for those Egg Cups–that we save for Easter.

Since omelets are the quickest, I probably make them the most—luckily, they are really easy.

Melt a dab of butter in a small non-stick skillet. That’s probably too much in the picture–I know. So a little less than that.

Whip 1-2 or 3 eggs–depending on the size and hunger level of your audience–in a cup or bowl. I use a glass measuring cup and a fork. Add salt and pepper.

Pour into hot pan.

Gently scoot the edges of the cooking egg toward the middle of the pan–letting the raw egg move to the edges. Do this all the way around the pan…

…until there is hardly any undone egg left. Keep your heat down so that the egg doesn’t cook too much or scorch. I can’t stand brown egg–blaugh!

You may need a larger spatula than I was using to carefully turn the whole egg over. I’ve been really impressive at times and flipped the egg over in the air. I’ve also humiliated myself on numerous occasions by missing the pan entirely and wasting someones breakfast on the floor. So, I’d say–do “air flips” or flops as the case may be–at your own risk.

I use a big spatula.

Add cheese, or bacon bits, or ham or veggies.

Fold egg in half and rest the spatula on top-for a minute or so, to keep the egg from unfolding. Garnish with shredded cheese.

Feed it to the masses.

You’ll be worshiped as a Goddess…

..and life will be complete.

Week #6 Food Storage Prompt is:

1- Bottle of Asprin (500 count)

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  1. yUUUm!!! I love omelets! That’s one of my FAVORITE ways to have eggs and you do make them just right! 🙂 No sleeping in when omelets are on the menu!

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