Tender Little Toes

Look at these cute little things–aren’t they adorable?!

And you probably can’t really tell just how sweet they are until you have something to compare them to…

like a hand. Can you believe how tiny they are?

No, no…they aren’t doll shoes. They are for a dear, wonderful friend of ours who’s sweet baby twins came very, very early. So early in fact, that their bitty baby feet are about the size of the top joint of my thumb. That will make even these booties a bit too big…for now.

But while they’re waiting and growing into their booties, they can wear these other socks that Jillian made from the fingers of some very soft gloves. Isn’t this the most clever idea in the world?


Lovely little baby socks to keep some tender, sweet toes warm…

while they bravely work hard to catch up.

Be well dear babies. Grow strong.

We love you so.

5 Replies to “Tender Little Toes”

  1. Oh so sad about coming early. But what sweet warm little feet they will have. Keep growing little babies.

  2. They are very lucky to have such sweet friends to work on things they can’t possibly have time to worry about – the worry over the fragile lives of their little ones must be overwhelming. I think this is a beautiful example of what it means to share one another’s burden and keep sacred covenants.

  3. Those are the sweetest little booties and socks! So tiny and thoughtful. I hope they grow out of them rEEEally fast! 😉

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