Highland Fling

Today my dears, is National Tartan Day. Yes, yes–that’s what I said.

So you know, a tartan is the plaid, woven cloth that Scottish kilts are made out of. In the old days Scottish families were distinguished by the different tartans they wore. The richer you were, or the more “noble” your family line–the more colors you were allowed to use in your family cloth.

For those of us with a fair bit of Scottish in our blood–we’ll take any excuse to share some lovely pictures—especially when my cute little daddy is in them.

Here are the two Scotties themselves–“Uncle Joe Johnston,” who really wasn’t our uncle at all–but a beloved adopted cousin, and my dad at the family reunion long, long ago. The green kilt is the Johnston tartan–our family plaid, and the red one is the Royal Stewart tartan–one of the most popular plaids.

Here is the cute guy competing in the Scottish Caber Toss. It’s a real simple sport where all you have to do is take a log the size of a telephone pole–almost–and toss it so that it falls end over end.

Easy–you say?

Simple even…

But with or without a kilt, I’m certainly not doing it.

Happy Tartan day.

Wear plaid.

Throw logs.

Eat haggis…

or kiss a Scotsman.

Gerard Butler

My personal favorite.


7 Replies to “Highland Fling”

  1. This is awesome! I just love seeing pictures of Grandpa… especially in his kilt! It makes me smile! 🙂 It looks like I’ll be wearing my “Kilt Inspector” shirt today!

  2. We’ve got Scottish blood in us! Every other year we have our family reunion and someone always is in their outfit with bagpipes. So fun.

  3. Wasn’t he just the best? Ooooh, I miss him. Sometimes I’ll see someone in the store or somewhere that looks like him from behind and it hurts my heart to realize he’s just not here. Weird world without him.


  4. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to be Scottish? It really makes me so happy and the bagpipes just make me cry. I love them. Lucky you!

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