Tarmac In May

I know kites are typically associated with March, in many of the 50 states, and rightly so. But here in good old UTAH, we pride ourselves on doing our own weather thing, in all seasons of the year. Yessiree.

We certainly can’t be tied down to the stuffy protocols of some Farmer’s Almanac and what someone thinks our weather should be doing–at any given moment. HA! We’re free spirits! We will not be ruled! Oh, no!

Perhaps, last March, the kids in California or Oregon were chasing pretty fluttery things through a cool, breezy afternoon. But here?

We were scraping snow off the windshield.  

Now it’s May and while we did just have a smidge of the white stuff at 4 am this very morning–don’t ask me how I know that–the sun is out now.  We’re encouraged by the fact that there is a steady breeze blowing as we speak.

A 46 degree breeze, but a breeze none the less.

So you see, we have hope.

My point is, that the time feels right to deck Mr. Tarmack out in an appropriate little “get up” to celebrate our newly found, ahem, kite worthy weather.

Tarmack totally agreed.


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