Tarmac The Bunny–Again

Of course, I posted this last year, but it kinda bugged me. The ears were too big and weird. Soooooo….

I wrapped the bottoms with black yarn and Poof!!

If you didn’t catch this bunny at the exact right angle, you’d never know. Feeling a bit clever…and just a tad lazy. Haha.

Still loving that bitty basket.

Happy Easter.

Yer a Wizard…Tarmac


Oh, my goodness. As October approached, I had a dilemma. What was little Tarmac going to be for Halloween?

At first I thought a ghost would be fun and easy. Easy yes, but pretty boring too. Then I wondered if a witch would be good. But this squirrel is a boy–so that was out.

Of course, the only thing to do was to make him a WIZARD–sparkly star cape and all!!

He even has a Trick or Treat bag full of Halloween squirrely goodies.

Yeah, yeah…lost my marbles. I know.

Sure having fun though.

Works for me.

Back To School Tarmac

Awwww…little Tarmac is off to school!

Don’t you just love his sweet back pack?!!

My favorite parts of this squirrely “get-up” are the teensy books hanging from his arms. Heehee.

Perhaps I have too much time on my hands.  Perhaps my priorities are a bit mixed up.  Perhaps it’s just freaking fun to imagine how people smile when they see this little guy each month. Pretty sure that’s why I do it.

All I know is I sure giggled a lot with this one.

That’s always time well spent.



Beach Baby– Squirrel

Enter Tarmac– our newest beach baby–searching for the perfect place to lay back in the salty waves and float off into tropical paradise oblivion.

We won’t tell him that this is Utah and we’re one of those pesky land-locked states without a proper beach. Water? Sure, plenty of that, but not the picking up seashells and building sand castles type of place from my childhood.

I guess it’s the backyard floaty pool for you Mr. Tarmac.

It’ll have to do.

Uncle Sam–the Squirrel

By now, you have to be expecting SOME kind of post about our favorite squirrel–right?

Short of little Tarmac holding a live sparkler–I personally couldn’t think of a better “get up” than good ol’ Uncle Sam!!

I made two versions of the US flag that he’s holding–neither of which made me incredibly happy. The first had good stripes but a funky blue space. The second had an ok blue space but weird stripes.

Ahhh well. It needs to be the thought that counts because I’m not keen on doing it again.

We’ll be content to know that we have the most patriotic squirrel in the land.

And who else can say that?