T-Shirt PomPoms

Yes, yes…that’s me. On a bit of a pompom rampage these days. But I triple-dog dare you to tell me–if you can–that these aren’t just adorable.

And the best part is–that you don’t need to buy a dang thing. These are just one more bit of loveliness made from a T-shirt that has seen better days. Seriously, we could write a book. I believe I shall call it “T-shirt Reincarnation.”

Some day…

To make T-shirt pompoms–first, follow the instructions for making T-shirt yarn. Once you have a pile ofย  “yarn” you are ready to begin.

Oh, and I found out something interesting while doing this and it is– that some t-shirt knit will curl when stretched and some will just…stretch. That’s what mine did this time. At first I was bugged, but now I actually love it.

Start winding the knit around your hand and keep winding until you have gone around about 50 times. Now, you may have to adjust your count depending on how thick or thin your knit is. Don’t worry, there is no real right or wrong here. I usually just keep going until I feel like stopping…or until I can’t feel my fingers anymore. You should probably stop before that.

Slide the bundle off your hand carefully and set it on a piece of string or yarn about 12 inches long.

Tie it around the middle really tight. Flip it over and pull it even tighter and tie another knot. Leave the long ends of your string uncut. You’re going to hold onto your pompom with those.

Slide your scissors through the loops and cut them.

Keep going until you’ve found them all.

Your pompom will look a bit wild and uneven. You can certainly leave them like that or you can trim them just like we did the yarn pompoms last week. Just fluff it and trim…fluff it and trim…kinda like a poodle.

You can hang them separately or string them up together.

Either way…brace yourself.

It’s hard to stop at just one.

3 Replies to “T-Shirt PomPoms”

  1. Those are so fun! I love the muliti colors. Too bad I don’t keep old shirts around. I really must resist the urge to purge. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Oh, no–purging is generally a good thing. It’s just that T-shirts feel like such a gold mine to me that I have a couple of boxes of them. You are welcome to borrow mine. :}

  3. Yet again, you’ve made a super cute project! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I won’t feel so bad when my favorite shirts get all worn out. ๐Ÿ˜€

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