Quick & Easy Yarn PomPoms

Have you ever wanted to have those pretty little yarn pompoms pop up magically whenever you wanted them? Well, brace yourself. You positively can, and in a matter of minutes…with no fuss. I mean it–and all you need is yarn and a pair of scissors.

Start by taking a piece of your favorite yarn and wrapping around 3 of your fingers. You can make your pompoms larger or smaller by adding or subtracting one finger.

Keep winding until you’ve gone around your fingers about 50 times…

Cut your thread. Now take a 10 inch length of the yarn and slip it between your fingers. This will be the string you use to tie all these threads together.

Tie a loose knot…

and carefully slide the yarn off your fingers.

Tie the string good and tight around the bundle. Take your scissors and cut through all the loops at the top and bottom of your pompom.

Your pompom will be seriously in need of a trim. I used two colors of yarn here–you know, for dramatic effect.

Pinch your bundle in the middle and trim off all the pieces that keep it from looking round. Be careful not to cut the long string that you tied the whole thing together with–it’s what you’ll hold on to while you trim.

After trimming for a few minutes, hold the pompom by the long string and whip it against your hand to fluff it out. You’ll find more threads to trim….

until they look exactly how you want them to look.

Positively perfect in every way.



9 Replies to “Quick & Easy Yarn PomPoms”

  1. Those are really cute! What are you planning on doing with them? I bet you have an idea already. 😉

  2. Oh, I remember making these!! I think they would be so cute on barettes or headbands for the girls! We always wore them on our shoes and I love them on presents!

  3. I remember teaching the kids in school how to make these at recess. I was kind of a pompom making nerd. :/

  4. I love these so much! This way is so much easier to make than others. Thanks! I love hanging them on my backpack. Oh, sorry the email I filled in is fake. We don’t have emails…
    Thanks again!

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