Sweet Treats–

Maybe if we all chant “SPRING-SPRING-SPRING” together something sunny and warm will happen…I don’t know. We’ve got snow out our window right now. Big, fluffy flakes everywhere. It couldn’t hurt…

We’re having an Easter Giveaway to prompt old Mother Nature to nudge Spring just a bit closer.

So, we gathered…and hunted…and came up with some stuff to fill your basket.

It includes:

Wilton Easter Cookie Cutters

Easter Cupcake papers

Fillable Easter eggs

Cupcake Stencils

6 Easter Poly Treat bags

Cute, yes…nice, ok…but something seems missing…

NOW we’re talking!

Enter for the Easter Sweet Treats Giveaway by commenting on this post. We’ll announce the winner on Friday April 3rd–just in the nick of time.

Hippity hop…

15 Replies to “Sweet Treats–”

  1. Oh, how I wish Spring would hurry!! And then slow down once it gets here. Let Summer be the one to wait a bit.

  2. Oh yay for Easter and Yay for Spring. I can’t believe how cold it’s been, but hopefully our focus on spring will help the weather warm up!! The Easter stuff is so cute. I hope I win.

  3. Ok…so I can’t eat chocolate, but hey.. there’s lots of cute stuff in there. If I do get lucky and win…well…I’m sure I can find someone to benefit from the chocolate. 🙂

  4. Such cute goodies! I, just today, started putting up my Easter decorations too! And I don’t know about YOU, but you can tell Kim for ME, I’d rather have SNOW in March in Utah, with it’s crocus, daffodils, and tulips, oh yeah, and don’t forget, that ol’ popcorn poppin on the ol’ apricot trees!, (MY kids have grown up knowing what that meant!), than 80 in CA. ANY day! (Love ya Kim, but seriously, no contest!)

  5. This isn’t a 2nd chance on winning, unless it counts, but a response to Laurie’s comment. Laurie, I have daffodils & paperwhites in my yard (I haven’t planted crocus or tulips). And popcorn grows on my apricot tree too, and on my peach tree, apple tree & plum tree. And I have the nice warm weather & I don’t have to shovel snow. So there!!! lol. I still love you too!!!

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