Supreme Softness

100 Happy days #9


These, my friends, are my great big, fluffy, soft, squishy, burgundy slippers. They are not too tight and not too wide and have plenty of wiggle room for all my wiggly toes and have the good sense not to pinch anywhere. For that very reason, I have nearly worn them clear out–although I just got these dear things for Christmas–two months ago.

If I could wish a good fortune-y kind of wish for you–it would be that you could have a pair of squishy slippers to slog around in…

just like these ones.

Believe me, your feet would be very, very happy.

Mine certainly are.


2 Replies to “Supreme Softness”

  1. Ooooh… those do look comfy! I’ve worn out a pair of slippers before… ones that YOU made me! 😀

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