Timely Revelation~

100 Happy Days #8


I just realized that instead of dragging my fluffy body to the boring old Nordic Track, and trying to beg myself to stay on there a measly 20 minutes–

I can set up my kindle with big, huge, READABLE font and engross myself in a really good book.

Seriously, time just flew by without me even knowing it. In fact, I looked up at the clock and I had gone over my goal time. My first thought was, “I’m not finished with this chapter.” Heh, heh.

Perhaps I’ve finally discovered the secret to exercising for more than 20 minutes by giving myself permission to read.

Exercising is making me pretty darn happy…

at last.


3 Replies to “Timely Revelation~”

  1. That really is the secret! I love to read while I am walking. Time flies, and not only am I getting more fit, my brain is getting smarter! 😉 Great job aunt Launi, Keep it up!! 😀

  2. It makes me happy to know that you’re doing things that you enjoy! I’m glad that you get to walk, which you’ve always loved AND read which is another favorite of yours… at the same time?!? You must just be in heaven. <3

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