Summerfest~ Daytime

If sitting on the grass for hours on end waiting for a parade to start isn’t YOUR idea of fun–then you, my dear, are totally hanging out with the wrong people…

and you apparently didn’t bring your LoveSak!

I mean seriously, we even have a guy with a trumpet. Beat that if you can.

At last the parade finally, finally was ready to start–with the siren blaring police motorcycle squad. They didn’t seem to realize that nobody, NOBODY likes to hear a police siren…ever.

Then, of course, up on our feet for the military flag procession.

Next came the beauty queens who were wearing really pretty gowns THUS proving that they don’t have to be half-dressed to win pageants. Yeah ladies!

Oh, now wait. The sign on the jeep says that this gal is “Mother of the Year.”  I thought that was MY title. Wowww. How did this happen?

These little Swiss Misses made me thirsty for Hot Chocolate…in June!

And this Big Foot Wookie dude scared the heck out of some of the kids. He had a really loud motorcycle that tried to make me deaf too.

Purple is a great color for a band. There was a lady running along squirting water into their mouths and darting up and down the rows. Pretty sure SHE had the hard job!

This float had children holding signs that said, “Thank you, Military,” in a bunch of different languages.

A guy from the Missionary Mall Float came by tossing out neckties to the crowd. Lyndi just stuck her little hand up in the air and Poof! she caught one!

One of the best things in the parade are the gorgeous horses…

and the beautiful bagpipers. Someday maybe my two boys will be in the parade…playing those pipes…and wearing those kilts. They’re Scotsmen, after all!

I’m working on it.

A fireman tossed Lily a nice red fire hat, while her brother practiced his sword swallowing skills. Go Beckham!

Once the parade was over, everybody dog-piled on the LoveSak and gobbled down pizza and sat back to wait for the  evening to begin.

To be continued…

Heh, heh, heh.

7 Replies to “Summerfest~ Daytime”

  1. I love those ACU’s (the uniform the military wears). It sure does make me miss my hubby. Also that picture of “Thank you Military” in all the different languages made me cry. It probably doesn’t help that Johnny is gone this week and I miss him like crazy.

    It is not a surprise Lyndi won something. She has that sort of luck about her.

  2. Oh, sorry! :} A LoveSak is a HUGE–and I’m not kidding–bean bag type pillow stuffed with squishy foam filler. It took up the whole, entire back of my van to get it to the parade. It was a huge hit though. It was big enough to hold 4 adults and 2 kids–all at the same time. People drove by and screamed “YEAAAH!” when they saw it! Dang fun…

  3. I really love that part of the parade too. Everyone stands and if they don’t one of the soldiers kindly hollers, “Please stand for your flag sir!” Believe me…they stand. It’s wonderful.

  4. So fun! I still can’t believe that you guys got that freaking huge beanbag there! 😛 Ha ha ha!

    Even though the parade is pretty simple, I still just love it! 🙂

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