Stuff That Makes Me Smile


Making smoothies for that Bald Kid again.


New treasures from a far, far awayland–more on that later.


One incredibly inspiring book–and I’m not kidding. I have a whole pack of Post-it notes used up on the pages I want to make something from. Love it.


Mini daffodils that I’ve simply fallen in love with. Seriously, they’re the size of crocus! I think I’ll go back and get a billion more.


Ancient marble antique store find–right in my mother’s childhood hometown. She was a neighborhood champ so I can’t help but wonder if she ever came near any of these very old, very lovely things.


A big, old bag of pop tops that I’m collecting and saving and storing and stashing until somebody tells me what the heck I’m suppose to do with them. Any ideas?


Ipad games with Uncle Nate.

What makes you smile?


3 Replies to “Stuff That Makes Me Smile”

  1. Those are a LOT of great things to love! 🙂 Those daffodils are SUPER cute! I really like them. Some things that make me smile are…

    *Kids that say the funniest things
    *A husband that reminds me that it’s totally fine to go for a walk with the kids… even after they are in jammies
    *Friends and family that help learn and grow, usually without even knowing they’ve helped me do it
    *Ripping off calendar pages and planning ahead for the future

  2. I think there are organizations that use the pop rings to turn in for cash. Don’t know which ones. I will ask next time I go to a meeting at the hospital. I may be a couple of months.

    I too collect antique marbles. We really need to get together some time.

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