Stained Glass Again

100 Happy Days #53


This really is one of those projects that I take up and put down again, according to my patience meter for the day. Some days I can barely look into the sewing bag where the Stained Glass Squares in progress live, and other days I can’t wait to mess with them again.


The problem for me, is that I’m not so good at reading a pattern that doesn’t come with a lot of step by step pictures. Blame it on our photos of everything culture, that we have now, but if I can see a project up close, I can usually figure it out. But if there’s just one picture of an afghan thrown over a chair for me to copy–well…it’s going to take a little more time and a bucket load of reworking.


At this point, I’ve had to pretty much write the instructions out myself. Not because there is anything wrong with the original pattern, but more because I need pictures…like a seven year old…and there aren’t any. But I shall merrily carry on until I can’t bear it another second. Then back in the bag it will go to give my brain a rest for another little while.

One of these days, I’ll finish this silly thing.

But for now, I’m content that it’s getting closer.

That will do.

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6 Replies to “Stained Glass Again”

  1. This is going to be gorgeous when you are finished. That is quite a talent, to be able to figure out a crochet pattern, stitch by stitch. I hope there will be a picture as you put the squares together! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is going to be THE most beautiful blanket ever. If you ever want to make another one, I know someone you could give it to. 😉 😉

  3. Well I fell in love with this pattern several day’s ago. I like you am having a hard time reading the directions. I have tried looking for any videos since I am a visual learner, but there are none. Would love to know if you ever finished this lovely afghan.

  4. I have been looking everywhere for this pattern and unless I pay for it…it’s not happening. I sure wish I was able to look at a pattern and figure it out. You are way ahead of me in that field. Good luck with finishing. I am sure it will be beautiful.

  5. Please did you get the stain glass window pattern figured out, or do you have it in a video .

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