Something’s Missing!!

Ohhhhhh it’s a rotten thing INDEED to go to all the work to do a puzzle this intense (Look at allll that white and grey–gah!) only to get to the end–right before the deadline (Thanksgiving) and find out that…

you’re missing a piece!!


I mean honestly…I don’t live in a house with toddlers that eat puzzle pieces.

But wait. I do have that one cat. And he has been known to bat those pieces onto the floor and smack them around till they end up in Outer Mongolia somewhere. Hmmmmm…

Yeah, my money says it was him. Cause you know…he has that “I did it and I’m glad I did it” look to him.


Thwarted by the feline.



PS–Good news!! I FOUND it!!

It was in the kitchen…by the back door…

the CAT door.

Uh-huh. Outer Mongolia.

Like I said.

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