My Pretty Puzzles

In that funny space between Christmas and New Year’s–I decided to pour out a pretty little puzzle.

There is something so soothing about turning all the pieces over, then setting them in little piles according to their shape.

Yeah, I’m one of those puzzle people who takes a few hours to organize all the pieces so that the whole experience is…you know…more orderly.

I believe the puzzle ultimately goes together much, much faster this way because it’s not so chaotic.

In fact, this happy little puzzle was probably two thirds finished when one night I woke to the sound of something very much like pebbles pouring onto the floor.

I flipped on the light and saw that old Hobbes had jumped on one end of my puzzle board and tipped it off the side of the little table it was on and just more than half of my sweet puzzle was on the floor in a broken up pile.


The next morning, my sweet Rhenny boy helped me put it all back together and we even kept at it till it was finished! Wahoo!!

What shall I do with all this spare time? Laundry? Dishes? Take down the Christmas stuff?

Apparently not.

Heh, heh.


Little Watcher

Ever since we came back from our last trip to Texas– sweet little Hobbes appears magically on the porch whenever we back out of the driveway. It feels like he’s setting us in his mind in case we just don’t come back…for a long time…

in kitty days.

Be brave little man. Just a quick trip to the store, this time.

We’ll be back in a blink.

Fear not.

That Cat

So, I walk into the kitchen–just minding my own business–and there is Hobbes…sitting on top of the fridge. WHAT THE HECK?!!

First of all, he should have come from his little kitty pet store KNOWING that he doesn’t belong on the top of the fridge.

But even better than that–how did he even get up there?! Perhaps he has waaaaay better jumping skills than I ever gave him credit for, kinda like a kangaroo. Yikes.

I used my very best alpha cat voice and told him to get down this very minute.

He ignored me.

Yeah. We’re still working out who exactly is the boss around here.

It’s not looking too good for me.