Sock Top Totes

A chocolate moose 056

Teeny, tiny ones. Draw string bags, actually. Reminiscent of the little sacks with Gold Mine Bubblegum Nuggets inside. Remember that? Ahhh…maybe you’re too young.

If you suffer from cute-sock-addiction, then it is likely that you also have a hard time just throwing them away when your toe starts to poke out the top–or your heel is bare. I mean, seriously–the cute part is still cute, right? Of course right. So here’s one really fun, EASY answer and a great gift idea at the same time!

A chocolate moose 051

Cut off the adorable tops…

A chocolate moose 053

Turn them inside out and sew a sturdy zig zag stitch across the bottom.

A chocolate moose 068

You can even assembly line the process and do a bunch at once.

A chocolate moose 054

Turn the sock right side out again and make a VERY small snip in the top casing. Make sure you are using a sock that actually HAS a folded over casing or this won’t work. Most of them do, but you may want to check first.

A chocolate moose 055

Now, using a small safety pin, guide a shoe lace or cord through the casing, around the whole top and back out the same hole.

A chocolate moose 057

Tie a knot in the cord and–DUDE–you are finished.

A Sock 004

Well, except for the filling it with candy…

A Sock 003

or gift cards…

A Sock 005

or incredibly expensive jewelry part.


A Sock 006

I guess I need to “get me a husband” for that last part.


7 Replies to “Sock Top Totes”

  1. What a great idea. I am loving this one and so easy. Thanks for the great ideas.
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Seriously, I made 6 of them in like 10 minutes. It took longer to thread the sewing machine than it did to make them! My problem will be in giving them away. Luckily, there are two of each.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  3. I love it!!! So much fun! I should make them for the cute little people in my world… and fill them up with candy!!! So awesome!!! I like things that aren’t too much sewing… I’m still a noob in that department!

  4. Love this idea! I blew out the heels on a favorite pair of socks a year ago and did’t have the heart to throw them out. Now they are the most adorable little pair of sacks! lol

  5. Oh, I’m soooo glad! We just love them at this house and I sometimes wonder if we’re wearing socks out on purpose so that we can the cutest little sacks out of them. haha!

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