Merry Chocolate Chris-Mousse!

A moose 041

Nowwww then…

What could possibly be better than Chocolate Mousse for Christmas, eh? These cute little guys are actually dolled up draw-string bags that hold the ingredients for a basic Chocolate Mousse mix. The “Chocolate Moose” is a plus.

To make our sweet little “Chocolate Moose” bags—

you will need:

A chocolate moose 038

two 7’’ x 8 ½ ‘’ pieces of Christmas type fabric

four 3’’x 6 ½’’ pieces and two 4’’ squares of brown felt,

thread to match fabrics

23’’ of ribbon, cord or shoelace

polyester fiberfill

a small brown pom pom

2 small roly eyes

1 small pkg instant chocolate pudding

1 pkg instant whipped topping

instruction tags

A chocolate moose 036

1. For moose arms and legs fold each 3’’ x 6 ½ ‘’ piece of brown felt in half lengthwise, sew along long edge.

A chocolate moose 030

Knot the ends of the arms and legs.

2. Matching raw edges, pin one arm to one long edge of one fabric piece 3 ¼ ‘’ from one short edge (top); baste.
Repeat for remaining arm and other long edge of fabric. Matching raw edges, pin each leg 2’’ from one long edge on
bottom of fabric piece; baste.

A chocolate moose 028

3. Place fabric piece together, with arms and legs between layers of fabric. Leaving top edge open, sew pieces
together, being careful to only sew the ends of arms and legs in seam.

4. To form bottom corners of bag, match each side seam to fold line at bottom of sack; sew across each corner 1”
from end. Fold top edge of bag ¼ “ to wrong side; press. Fold edge ¼ “ to wrong side again; press. Sew close to top

A chocolate moose 029

Turn bag right side out.

For head, use pattern (from the PDF below) and 4” squares of felt and cut out 2 head pieces and four antlers pieces

A chocolate moose 034

Sew two antlers together using a close zig zag on the outside edge.

A chocolate moose 032

Sew two head pieces together leaving the bottom edge open. Turn the heads right side out.

A moose 030

Stuff head with fiberfill. Sew final closure by hand. Hot glue eyes and pom pom nose in place.
Tack antlers to back of head.

A moose 034

Fold ribbon or cord in half; tack fold to side of back at seam 2 ¼” from top. To be honest–I used hot glue.

A moose 029

Place Mousse Mix in bag–one bag of instant chocolate pudding and one bag of whipped topping.

A moose 036

Tie ribbon, string, or cord in a bow at center front; knot and trim ends–if you need to.

A moose 037

Hot glue head to front of bag. Print the tag from the PDF below and tie around the little dude’s neck. I haven’t done it yet–but you’ll see how it works in the PDF.

A moose 038

Now go pass them to all your neighbors and watch them grin!

Merry Chris-Moose!

Click HERE for the PDF pattern and Chris-Moose Instruction Cards!

5 Replies to “Merry Chocolate Chris-Mousse!”

  1. Those were some of my favorite things you used to make when I was little. Maybe it helped that we had an inside joke with my friends about “ahhh, go kiss a moose” when we wanted to tell someone off. Maybe that’s why my first puppet was a moose though is because of these. Huh. Never thought of that before.

  2. These guys just make me happy! 🙂 I think the kids would get a kick out of playing with them once you’ve taken the mixes out! Drawstring bags are fun for little ones to stash stuff in!!!

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