Playing With the Planets

Moon 1

Perhaps these photo have been going around for awhile–but since I’ve never seen them before, that was good enough reason to share them with you.

Moon 2

They are simply magical…

Moon 5

Moon 7

Moon 12

Moon 14

Moon 15

Moon 18

Kinda reminds me of a few cute kids that I happen to know personally…

Lyndi's Cruise Pictures (58)

Jillian has apparently been working out.

Lyndi's Cruise Pictures (59)

Daney-boy wants to put the toy boat in his pocket.

Lyndi's Cruise Pictures (57)

I’ve heard it said that the bald kid will taste anything once, but–come on.

Lyndi's Cruise Pictures (60)

Lyndi is being very particular about her personal space.

Perhaps it’s true…we are all living in an illusion.

In that case I’m going to imagine away….the laundry.


PS–If anyone knows where the planet pictures come from–I’d love to give the proper credit to the photographers. Their work is amazing!

8 Replies to “Playing With the Planets”

  1. I’m not sure of the photographer, but I love them as well! Great family shot with your kids,huh?! Have a wonderful week-end (as I KNOW you will!)

  2. Those are fun! I would have never thought to do something fun like that. I have a hard time thinking outside of the box. Ha ha Ha!

  3. Wow. I haven’t seen the moon ones before. Those are pretty cool!!! I wanted to do something like that for my wedding video… but it didn’t exactly work. Oh well… these one did and that’s fun!!!

    And PS… I don’t have a problem with personal space… I just want to beat the crap out of something sometimes…. that’s no big deal! 😉

  4. You should see the pictures that we took in England like this. Heather did a whole bunch too–leaning on buildings and all sorts of fun stuff!

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