So Thankful…

…that my sweet daughter has such a kind and generous heart.

…that there’s cranberry juice in that goblet.

…that this year we have a sagey, roasted turkey for our feast.

…to have my family–

who are my most treasured friends.

…for a new perspective now and then.

…to have those strong, turkey carving hands back again.

…for all that Heavenly Father has blessed us with this year…family, home, love and friends.

Hope your feast…

was positively perfect!

11 Replies to “So Thankful…”

  1. It looks like you had a pretty perfect day, surrounded by family, great decorations and lots of yummy food.Lots of love to you all and thank you for all the wonderful posts.

  2. Yes we do all have lots to be thankful for. It was such a great day for me as well. I did most of the cooking, but left the heavy stuff to my mom (the turkey).

  3. I’m glad you had all your loved ones around you- nothing better than a complete table. Hold them tight my friend. Life is short and even though you know you’ll be together forever…Your photos and posts show the love between you and your children. When your friend last her son Porter I found such comfort and his sisters letters to him- and not knowing them it still touched me in a way i couldnt understand- I prayed they wouldnt think i was a stalker on their sites but I had to check back and know that they were doing ok. did i find my answer 2 days ago when we found my precious matt dead- I know that he’s safe in the arms of Jesus and that he didnt die alone- the Lord was with him. Her posts will now tell me that the days will get better even though it doesnt feel like it now. I love you my friend and am so glad that through the years and the miles separating us we havnt lost touch

  4. Oh Sue… you are so right! He’s safe in Heavenly Father’s arms. He’s there waiting for you… you will be together again. You are a wonderful Mom and I’m sure your children know how much you love and appreciate them, Matt is no exception. He’ll still be close to you, I just know it! My heart goes out to you. You’re in our thoughts and prayers! Love you lots…

  5. Even though I adore food… the best part of Thanksgiving is really just being with each other! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🙂

  6. Oh, Sue. I wish I could talk to you. He is with Heavenly Father–and he is still and will always be yours. Susette and Kali would be pleased to know that their experience could one day bring you comfort. Our prayers are with you and your sweet family my dear, dear friend. I love you so much.

  7. It was a lovely day and you made my Jillian sooo happy with your call. What sweet friends you guys are. Hold on to these eternal friends–they mean so much through the years.

  8. Some of that other stuff is actually a bigger deal sometimes–so I’m sure you were busy. I love this kind of work though. It’s so satisfying and is connected to all the best memories.

  9. Oh, it looks like your day was nearly as amazing as mine. Love all the pictures! You are so much better about taking them than I am. I get way too busy and forget to get the camera out until the day is nearly over and everyone is leaving. I don’t know how you manage to remember everything!! You are amazing.

  10. Oh Sue, I am so sorry. I am sure your heart is aching and heavy. Just know that he is in God’s hands, safe and secure, and he will be there when you come to join him. I wish I have words of comfort or wisdom to offer, but I do not. All I have to share is my faith in eternity, that you will be together again, and that love never ends. You are in my prayers today.

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