Ready Indeed


We are sooo ready for this spring stuff to really truly get here and stay.


The trees are flowering…


and snowing petals everywhere.


The periwinkle is blooming all over the place…


and the crazy old blueberry bush has kicked back in.


So much of the yard is cooperating  just as it should…


and the back grass is finally, FINALLY green.


Yesterday the Bald Kid tilled up the garden patch and dug in all the old weed control newspapers that were still hanging around from last year.


And I’m learning how to use my dad’s very cool composter to make our hard old Utah clay just a bit more wonderful.


Pretty proud of our compose in progress–oh, do be proud of me.


But the best part is that my little patch, the one that’s kinda mine, well, it’s getting an overhaul this week.


We’re pulling out all the weeds and any other odd things we find, thinning the strawberries and trimming back the roses and planting a few perennial flowers here and there just because we want to.


We’re pulling out the old broken wood border and replacing it with something…better (imagine me giggling my head off!).


Oh, we’re ready all right to go out there and get to work making it all beautiful and orderly and crisp and tidy and flowery…




4 Replies to “Ready Indeed”

  1. It’s been fun to get out and see the summer sky for sure! We’ve been out in our garden planting corn with the kiddos and they all were old enough to help. 🙂 Love sunny days!

  2. Looking super good! Good work you guys! Did you get new gardening gloves? They’re really cute 🙂

  3. Hopefully next year we can get to our yard. Too many projects inside to keep up busy.

  4. Pretty excited about the composter. I bet that will help the garden so much! Your pictures are all so Springy… I love them!

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