So much…


Some days–doesn’t it just feel like there is so much on the plate–in so many directions?


So much to do—a couple of  lessons to prepare, hats and slippers to make, packages to mail,

Hats 009

pants to sew and a ton of grocery bags to sort, cut or recycle.

August 14 040

So much to think about–books to read, letters to write, dates to remember, lists to make.

A bat dip 038

But, on the other hand, there is so much to see–the beautiful leaves, the shedding trees,


the snowy mountains,

A mummy dog 102

and Autumn working it’s delicious magic everywhere we go.

pumpkin bread 010

So much to plan–all the baking, all the meals, all the treats and gifts and pies and candy that Thanksgiving and Christmas bring.

A 129

So much to be thankful for—my sweet babies—the big ones and the small ones,

PICT0028 (10)

and kind friends who make the planet so much better of a place.

Bibs 052

Best of all…

this–our most favorite month—made especially for counting all our blessings.

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Week #35 Food Storage Prompt: 10lbs. powdered milk

6 Replies to “So much…”

  1. Happy November… Happy Thanksgiving… and Happy Blessings for sure!!! *:D* There IS a lot to be grateful for… and I appreciate the reminder to think of that even when there are sniffly noses around, stacks and piles to sort through and projects needing/wishing/hoping to be finished! 🙂

  2. what type of fruit is that on the tree in your picture? they look like mini apples or cherries? I saw them at the park too and was wondering.

  3. I’ve been told that they are choke cherries. We have crab apples and ornamental crab apples in the front–and these little dudes in the back. The birds eat them all winter.

  4. I enjoyed the important message, that sometimes we need to let things go and enjoy/be grateful for what is right in front of us, but I got hung up on ………….ton of grocery bag to sort, cut or recycle? I know how to recycle them in the bins at the store, mostly I use mine for liners in the small bedroom trashcans, but sorting and cutting? What are you doing with your grocery bags?

  5. I crochet bags and purses out of them. I have an Etsy shop–on the right side bar of the blog called greenWinkle, where all the handbags are made out of grocery bags. They are wonderful and tough as well as a great conversation starter. The one I use right now is made out of Taco Bell bags. Kinda fun.

    Here’s a couple of links of some on the blog: (scroll down)

    Everyone brings me their grocery bags now and sometimes I get buried!
    It was my attempt to become “green.” 😕

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