Slipper Fest


Quite proud of myself for the supreme slipper fest that has been going on around here lately. The snow keeps coming down outside and in a house loaded with tile floors–well, let’s just say that we’re all wearing out our socks just trying to keep our feet warm. So, the slippers will come in handy. I even added elastic to the top of these ones so that the kids can put them on easier without needing to tie and untie them all the time.

Next up, a pair for the bitty-boy. We may just need to find a way to glue them to his feet though–as he seems to think that socks are an evil invention created strictly to torment him. I’ll figure out a way to make them work.

Just one teensy problem…


Santa brought me a pretty little distraction.


I mean….back to work!


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  1. Thank you so much for keeping my little ones so warm and happy. You are such a great Grammy! <3

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