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I’ll keep this short. Yes, yes, I was an amazing roller skater when I was a kid—even without ever owning a pair of real shoe skates. These sad little deals just fastened on to your shoes and you prayed your little head off that they didn’t rip off at the wrong moment and fling you into the corner mailbox…which by the way, happened quite frequently. Yes, it hurt. Thanks for asking.

Ok, enough of this me, me, me stuff. As you can see–I’m tired. Ha ha…

So, here’s your last chance to get in on this giveaway—the prizes of which will be explained first thing Monday morning–March 1, 2010.

Make a comment on this and/or any of the “That One Chick” posts and you receive 1 entry for each.

I’m still gathering the prizes–so be on the lookout.

I’ll be back.

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  1. Brings back memories!! I loved skating as a child and as a teenager and as a young adult. But I remember the skates that went over your shoes & had keys.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this picture. It’s cute!

    I remember in Elementary school when they were having “Rollerblade Day” and I didn’t have any yet. Dad took me to Toy R Us and got me some for $30 that I would have to pay him back for. I’m POSITIVE I was still working off that debt into jr high. Now it makes me sad to think back and think about how I felt like I HAD to have some rollerblades. I did use them and wear them right out though… so I suppose it balances out.

  3. I got my first pair of rollerblades when I was 10. I wore those out and then got another pair. I think in total I had and wore out 3 pairs of rollerblades. I had to wait for a new pair until my birthday or Christmas which is horrible since they are both in the same month.

  4. You would never believe it, but I had skates like that! There was never a time I used them that I didn’t fall. It wasn’t until I was 10 or 11 that I got “real” skates. Purple and white!

  5. Oh the memories. I had a wide variety of the “clip on” skates ranging from plastic to metal. I remember scraped knees but no free thinking skates that unleashed themselves from my shoes – just lots of fun.

  6. Yeah–the key was to tighten the grip on your shoe soles. If you lost the key–you didn’t get to skate. Remember the song that said, “I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates, you’ve got a brand new key…” So many youngsters didn’t get that line at all.

    So funny.

  7. I’ve never had a pair of rollerblades on in my life. I do remember going to a read roller skating rink and putting on shoeskates. It was heaven and I kept thinking, “I would never fall again if I had these things.” Really that’s all that would make you fall–the dumb things coming off…and that occasional rock…of bent sidewalk…or…


  8. wow…really? Mine ALWAYS came loose. I remember my dad tightening them one time–so tight, that he was bending the sole of my shoe. That was likely the only time they didn’t come off. I’m a million years old and I can show you the scars on my knees right this minute. Too funny.

  9. I used to LOVE roller skating – remember the skate keys? I remember some of my first skates – the little metal ones that fastened onto shoes, my little Strawberry Shortcake skates that I was so proud of! And some stupid yellow ones that “grew” as your feet “grew” lol! Good times, good times!

  10. I am so sad to see this come to an end. But by the look of this picture it looks like you are a bit tired out. And to think those skates were used without pads or a helmet. 😉

  11. Oh, I had those ones that “grew” too. Sometimes at that place, instead of growing—it would just break in half. Yikes.

  12. Love the skates. I did not get my first pair until I was 12. I went out to learn and fell 228 times. (Yep, I counted!) It was exhausting! But so much fun! We never wore helmets or kneepads, but I can promise you that on that day I would have loved them! Mostly, I would have loved to have a pair of pants stuffed with a very large, very soft pillow!

  13. PLEASE keep posting these pictures!
    I love them so much!!!
    i hate to admit it but i hate skating. a lot.
    i did it when i was younger, but im a scaredy cat and i was always too scared to go fast.
    i kind of like ice skating though. but still, it scares me.

  14. Don’t be sad–there were so many that I didn’t get to that I’m going to do a weekly retro post. Once a week focus I can probably stand.
    :] Thanks for liking it!

  15. Thanks so much for starting all this. It’s been so fun. So fun, in fact, that I’m going to do a Retro weekly post.
    You are so sweet to me. Thanks.

  16. I remember our little Fisher Price skates like that. I thought they were very convenient.

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