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  1. CONGRATS LYNDI!! I would LOVE to hear details about the whole thing! I’m so happy for you! I hope everything is well and that you recover quickly! How lucky you are to have had your wonderful mom there to help! Can’t wait to someday meet “little chomp!!”

  2. Grammy, Lyndi and Nate- congratulations to you all! How blessed you are! Cant wait to hear all about it! Now I really need to get down there this summer and see all these little ones!

  3. Sweet Lyndi, What a little doll! She’s absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to “Mommy and Daddy”. Now the very best part of your lives begins!

    I LUV YA!

  4. Oh so precious!! I wondered if Lyndi would be doing this with mama’s help. That is so cool. Congratulations to the family. Give her lots of kisses from me. I can’t wait for the day when I’ll be holding little bundles like this again.

  5. oh how great! I have been thinking about Lyndi a lot these past couple of days. She is gorgeous!

  6. Congrats Nate and Lyndi. I hope that you are doing well and getting some rest. Let me know if you need anything. The girls were so excited to hear about the new baby. BTW I saw on Aprils blog she was 9 lbs. How did you get such a big baby out of you!

  7. It had been a while scince I checked your beautiful blog! I was pleasantly surprised! Yeah! I’m always cheering home births! Congratulations, she is beautiful!

  8. Thank you all… you’re sooo sweet!!! 🙂 We’re SOOO SOOO glad that she’s here, and I’m excited for her to be surrounded by SOOO much love and friendship already! You are all wonderful!

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