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Oh, I do hope you are all sitting back somewhere, sipping warm cider and watching “Miracle on 34th Street” with those you love for the 100th time. I hope that you are hanging on tightly to the warm, tender feeling of the holidays so that the sparkle and glow will last just that much longer. We certainly are savoring it all at this house–what with twinkle lights in dimmed rooms, new toys scattered lovingly under the tree, 3 flavors of hot chocolate, and far, far too many sticky treats.

As always, we will pause here, in this season until the next joyful holiday entices us to loosen our hold and move forward. We could only be persuaded to trade our tree for fire crackers, fire crackers for pink hearts and pink hearts for painted eggs–because we know that it all comes back around again to the cider and the pine, the music and the mittens, the candles and the sweet baby in a manger bed.

So pardon us as we linger in the “happiest season of all.”

Join us, if you’d like.

We’re blessed to have you.

6 Replies to “Savoring…”

  1. Is it horrible that I am ready to take down the decorations so I can deep clean? We have another birthday in this house and that is what I want to decorate for.

  2. No, of course it’s not horrible. I’m actually grateful for the things that nudge us to move on. For you–it’s preparing for the next event–as it should be. Ours is New Year’s Eve and then on to Epiphany. I just love, love that there is always something luscious and sweet to look forward to–always.

  3. I like to savor things… to just bask in the holiday while I can. It’s fun to look forward too though! 🙂 I enjoy counting down and anticipating! Holidays are great!!!

  4. Me too. You should make us a paper chain that changes colors as we count down the days to each holiday. Wouldn’t that be cool? Do it, Janet!

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