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4-2-2009 003

The bald kid keeps asking me to please stop putting pictures of him on my blog–but I keep doing it anyway.

He says, “It’s a lack of respect.”

I’ve been asking the bald kid to please stop burping out loud and in public since he was three and a half–but he keeps doing it anyway.

I say, “We’re even.”

At one picture for every burp–I figure, if he stopped tomorrow I’d still have about 645,000 pictures to post before I’d have to quit.

Dreadful, universal lack of respect going on around here–wouldn’t you say?

Oh, power–and how it corrupts.

hee hee hee

6 Replies to “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”

  1. He will one day love all the pictures. All of your children for sure have respect. They are amazing people. A few burps now and then no big deal. But I say take more photos.

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