:: Quilts For Japan ::

Earthquake, tsunami, radiation, and now…

record cold temperatures and snow.

Utah Friends and family:

The LDS Church Humanitarian Center has put out an “immediate need” request for twin and full sized quilts to help those suffering in the aftermath of the disaster and now extreme temperatures.

In an effort to aid those suffering in Japan, we have scheduled a Orem church building this Saturday to tie quilts–as many quilts as possible. If you have any time at all this Saturday, please consider coming–even for an hour.

If you have flannel, fleece, sheets, yarn, or batting, that you’re willing to donate–it would help so much. We will also have a giveaway there as an added incentive–as if the cookies and good “servicey” feelings aren’t enough!  :}

Those who live outside Utah, I know you can’t come, but could you pass this to anyone who would be willing to help in UT?

Saturday, March 19th

8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

1075 W 1100 N  (church building)

Orem, UT

Please pass this on to anyone you can~friends, family, coworkers, etc.

If you know quilt or fabric shop owners (or avid quilters with a huge stash!) who would be willing to donate fabric or batting, please ask them.

This is obviously short notice, but also an easy thing we can do to give service and help our sweet brothers and sisters in devastated Japan. This would be a great opportunity to teach older children about the power of timely service–even when it might be a little inconvenient.

For more information, and a link to pass to friends, please go to April’s blog, here or  the local Relief Society blog, here or email Launi@GraciousRain.com.

Thank you- thank you–from the bottom of our hearts!

Launi, April, Lyndi, Jillian and Dane
Gracious Rain


6 Replies to “:: Quilts For Japan ::”

  1. We are doing the same thing at my stake here in Arizona. I am so going to be there!! I am hoping that we get lots of responses and can send many quilts. Hopefully you will get lots of responses too and the people will have things to keep them warm.

  2. So glad I checked your website. The email I received asked for sheets and I couldn’t find flannel anywhere. So I purchased the regular kind, but now I know I could have just purchased flannel material to donate I will go get some today. I am not a quilter Launi so how much material does it take to make a twin quilt? A full quilt? Thanks so much!

  3. We’ve had a fabulous response. In fact, we got together to make quilt packets last night and it’s going to be wonderful. It so exciting to think that it’s a sisters helping sisters from all over the world. :}

  4. I had fun at the quilting event today. My mom is dying to know how many quilts got finished! I wish we had more room for everyone that came to help! email us, okay? We miss you bunches!

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