Carving With The Big Kids

Oh, it is indeed an adventure to carve pumpkins with big kids. Think what you like about what it is to let a child work on their own Jack O’ Lantern for the first time—pumpkin seeds and bits and slippery insides everywhere–I know.

But let me just tell you–all these little kids in great big, grown up bodies can indeed make the same mess if they set their minds to it. And sometimes…

some of the mayhem looks…um…dare I say…deliberate. It also seems that every year the pumpkins themselves get way bigger. You know what THAT means…

so. do. the. knives.Β  Now there’s spooky.

Oh, how do I leave these people unsupervised?!!

Fact is, once the nasty, really sharp things were put away and the little carving tools came out–these people were quite fascinating to watch. Everyone was concentrating so hard on what they were doing, that it was easy for me sit back and observe a bit.

Funny–isn’t it, how kid’s, even big kid’s personalities really come out…

when left alone…

with a great big, silly, old pumpkin?

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10 Replies to “Carving With The Big Kids”

  1. We haven’t even carved our pumpkins. I think I will just keep them how they are and use them for Thanksgiving decorations.

  2. We usually get a few extra so that we can just put them out on the porch for “show.” They last much, much longer uncut.

  3. We’re all truly just suckers for an event of some sort…any sort. Jillian brought home the pumpkins and I came up in the middle of the carve fest and jumped in. It’s all that “yellow personality” (party, party) stuff going on in our brains…we can’t seem to help it.


  4. These look awesome! We carved pumpkins with our Young Women’s group earlier and I was a little nervous to see the girls with the knives too… but it turned out just great! πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing YOUR adventures in pumpkin-ness.

  5. Your pumpkins look amazing and I love the apple recipe ideas….think I might try a variation on that with some chocolate too. I love you blog, it’s always full of great ideas. Thank you for sharing them

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