Pretty Birds

100 Happy Days #13


This is Peaches. Isn’t she just beautiful? She is lucky enough to belong to my sweet little daughter in law who has always wanted her very own parrot. One day–two of them showed up at the animal shelter looking for just the right kind of home. Our sweet little Kortney just happened to be at the right place at the right time and Daney-boy said, “We’ll take them.”

Lucky little birdies.


This is Peaches’ husband–Avocado or “Avo” for short. You should see these cute things–they dance and play with Dane and hang all over Kortney like she’s Dr. Dolittle.  The Bald guy even walked around with them on his shoulders for a couple hours.

I didn’t actually hold them myself. Too big of a chicken, I guess.

But it was fun to watch.

Seeing animals who are loved makes me very happy.

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  1. It makes me happy to think of how bad she wanted a parrot and how quickly Dane agreed. 🙂 They are very pretty indeed.

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