Positively Loving…

Teaching my favorite 3 year olds to teeter-totter without maiming  each other.

Discovering that there is still one more fabulous Harry Potter book to read.

Lily’s amazing, ridiculous, almost scary ANIME face.

Choosing my very own magic wand–Rosewood, with Unicorn Tail core.

Um…I mean, it chose me…heh…heh.

Spending the whole day watching my favorite 2 year old while Mommy’s away.

The character revealing hand I ended up with in our last game of Apples To Apples.

My sleepy looking, far-away boy heading out to Finland to have his visa renewed.

What about you? What are you positively loving today?


4 Replies to “Positively Loving…”

  1. Now, now…it’s not so new, I guess–published a few years ago. It’s called “Harry–A History.” It’s all about the evolution of the HP universe–as seen through the eyes of the web mistress of the Leaky Cauldron blog. It’s actually an incredibly fun read. :}

  2. I love all the pictures you take now. It’s fun to see things from your perspecitive and it’s especially nice to see my little one and what she was up to when I wasn’t around. 🙂

  3. Your backyard looks almost identical to an aunt of mine (she passed in 2002). Her willow tree was as big and positioned in the yard with, get this, a seat in the same place as yours. Looking at your pictures brought many fond memories back. In her yard to the left my uncle had planted a small blackberry bush. 30 years later it was my aunt’s bain. I loved it though, they made great coblers!

    Thanks for the memories!

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