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While looking through a ton of old pictures the other day–I noticed that we had quite a few in the folder marked “Ghosts of Thanksgivings Past”–but they are all online and so I’m constantly having to say to family and friends, “I’ll email you a copy.” Sounds noble, yes? Well it would be more noble if I had a clue how to actually email pictures.

Hence, the Thanksgiving Photo Journal was born.

First take a hardbound journal or blank book—whichever…

Trace around it on to scrapbook paper.

Cut out to the measurement of your book. I had to work around the spiral binding of mine. Cutting out 65,000 tiny notches was a bit of a pain, but it turned out ok.

Glue the paper on to the cover of your book–being careful to keep the edges straight.

Secure a piece of ribbon to the back with glue and tie a bow in the front. And ta-da! Your book is finished. Except that now you can make copies from your computer–and stick them in the book for all to see.

So, bring it with you to the turkey dinner and share the book around. If you are really brave you can let people write their comments or memories on the blank pages. If you have a few of these books and lots of printer ink, they would make a great gift for the Thanksgiving hostess. Never hurts to butter up the lady with the pie…


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  1. Too bad you didn’t have my spiral punch from Stampin’ Up it would have punch those little notches out perfectly in about 20 sec. I can take care of that for you if you’d like, I have an order going in next week. I love the idea but am light years behind you because I don’t have any idea how to put the pictures from the camera on the computer yet, let alone get them off the computer. I just need someone patient enough to sit and hold my hand and work me through it one time – do you give lessons?

  2. I like this… especially about having people write comments or memories! šŸ™‚ Then you can share a little bit of everyone’s thoughts… not just your own view of “Thanksgivings Past”! Very cute!

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