Organizing Photos (part 1)

Otherwise known as: The Great Picture Project of 2009

If you’re anything like me and have been collecting photos for the last couple of decades, then maybe your closet looks like this too. Hopefully not.

There are, of course, photo boxes sorted into whichever child is the main focus of the picture, but then there are scads of miscellaneous packages, stacks, bags and piles of ones that haven’t been categorized–or that don’t fit into the boxes at all.

I even have some in dusty old albums and baby books, and some in old frames or outdated collages. And perhaps we shouldn’t mention the file cabinet that I inherited from my mom with a century and a half of old family photos–you know–the priceless relic kind. I’m not brave enough to open that drawer yet.

Now, I’m not entirely brainless. I know that this is not the right way to treat your pictures and that I need to do some kind of acid-free, archival-type adventure and eventually scan and save them all on discs–or something. I even realize that the “Proper Preservation of Family Photos” police could be pounding on my door at any moment–but honestly—I just can’t think that far ahead.

This could all be a wee bit daunting…if taken in one massive chunk.

For that very reason, my plans will be much more modest. I just want to get these pictures sorted, organized and–most importantly–all in one place–so that I can find what I’m looking for without a bunch of crazy packages landing on my head.

That’s the extent of my big ambitions, for now. The acid-free-scan-and-disc-stuff will have to wait for another day…when I’m more mature.

I’m off to Wal-mart–with 30 bucks…not a penny more.

I’ll be back.

Wish me luck…

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  1. Spring must be getting close… I’m wanting to get organized too!!! Photos is such a great place to start too!!! I want to get all my scrapbooking stuff in order sooo I can get back to preserving things that way!

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