Orange Sherbet Smash

That One Chick #10

Warning: This is not a recipe. Repeat. This is not a recipe.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? It fluctuates around here depending on my mood. But when I was little–before I was old enough to think straight, up until I was about 12, my very favorite–the only flavor I’d eat, in fact–was Orange Sherbet. That’s it.

Back in those days–the coolest place on earth–for ice cream lovers was Sears because they had an ice cream parlor out back. My brother Andy would get Pistachio, my sister Laurie would get Chocolate or Rocky Road, and I of course, chose Orange Sherbet. Always and forever.

So picture this—

One day, when I was about 5,  Laurie and I went with dad to Sears and even though he was in a huge hurry–we held out hope that there would still be time for a quick trip to the ice cream shop. At first he said there was no way but then he changed his mind. The second the ice cream was handed to us he said we really had to run or he’d be late to an appointment. So he grabbed a hold of us–one on either side of him–and started running through the store to the other side parking lot where our car was parked.

Oh, now–please understand–we were hauling. Dad had us each by the hand and we really had to run to keep up with him. I hadn’t even had a lick of my ice cream, in fact, the harder I tried to taste the darn thing, the more my poor cone hand flailed out to my side…uncontrollably.

Now, see the sweet little old couple coming towards us. Smiling, happy, serene, unsuspecting.

dun. dun. dun.

Feel it coming?

Yeah. Here we go.

The couple approaches on the right side…my side…the side with my arm flailing around…you know…the cone side.

As the couple passed us, suddenly…my cone was miraculously…um…lighter somehow…almost…empty feeling.

We were tearing through the place at quite a clip but I managed to turn my head just in time to see the old lady shrieking her head off in the aisle. All she could say was, “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

There, smashed on the skirt of her dress was the entire top scoop of my perfect Orange Sherbet cone.

I imagine we should have offered to help, or found her a napkin, or called the authorities or something. But Daddy-O never knew it even happened–and I was just a kid.

By the time we got to the car he looked down at me and said, “Hey…How’d you ever finish that ice cream so fast?”

I think I may have started giggling. Can’t quite remember.

I just hope she enjoyed the most perfect ice cream cone on earth. Heaven knows, I never even got a lick.

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18 Replies to “Orange Sherbet Smash”

  1. When I was young, my favorite was french vanilla. I’d go to Baskin Robbins where they had 30 other flavors to tempt me, but no, I got french vanilla. I can’t remember exactly when I first discovered all of the variations of chocolate ice cream, but I haven’t had french vanilla since then!

  2. I love sherbet! I’ve heard this story before. I guess they can’t all be new! That poor lady with Ice cream on her dress, and that poor little girl with not ice cream to eat.

  3. The nice thing about French Vanilla is that you can add it to anything and create a whole new incredible flavor. Try it with Orange Sherbet–then you have Creamcicle! Yum!

  4. We never had ice cream at sears. I remember going to thrifty drug in Mesa and waiting in line. We always spent so long looking, only to get the same rocky road chocolate ice cream cone at the end! 🙂 I barely had my first driver’s license and was out cruising main street with a group of friends. One of them hit my elbow (on purpose) and dumped my ice cream right down my choir dress! I screamed, weaved one way, swerved another as I threw the ice cream to the other side of the care, and promptly got pulled over by a law abiding police officer! Ice cream can really bring back memories!!

  5. Orange sherbet was one of my favorites and still is to this day. But at times a good Breyers Chocolate Chip will win out. Poor you, I would have been so sad to see my ice cream wasted on her skirt. Go out and treat yourself tonight – you deserve it. Maybe I will join you.

  6. Grandpa’s up in heaven saying, “oh honey..I’d have gone back for you.” He was sweet like that. Cute story. I’m glad it didn’t end up with you crying, that would have been sad.

  7. Oh yes–well YOU’ve had the privilege of hearing that one first hand. That lady was pretty rattled and all I could do was shrug my shoulders and keep running.

  8. THAT is too funny. See Monday’s post and you’ll understand why.

    I do remember Thrifty Drugs ice cream. They had these funny little tube shaped scoops and could stack them 3 scoops hig. Yum!

  9. Or how about Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip…wow. I’d probably run over the police chief for a nice big bowl of that. Ahhh…I mean I’d drive very carefully around him…yeah…that’s what I meant.


  10. No, I didn’t cry. The image of that lady holding out the skirt of her dress with an entire scoop of ice cream just sitting there smack dab in the middle–was just too funny. I remember eating the cone and giggling my head off. Dad and Laurie likely thought I had brain freeze or something.


  11. Sometimes, life is just a little happier when you can laugh your head off about it later! I love good memories. They are so comforting!!!

  12. I love ice cream… I don’t know if I have a favorite though! I know for birthdays if we got to pick 2 flavors to go with our cake, I would choose Neapolitan and Rainbow sherbet because then it would be like getting SIX flavors!!! 😉

    That situation would’ve been pretty funny to see! 🙂 I’ll hav eto rent the video someday! 😉 Ha ha ha!

  13. Actually I have never liked mint chocolate chip. Just a good ole straight up chocolate chip. Darn, I wish there was some in the fridge right now. Actually it would not be safe from being completely devoured. 😉

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