One Very New Trick


 I have seen so many crochet projects, over the years, that have been intriguing to me for one reason or another, but nothing like changing colors on the same row. I was certain that there was some kind of magic to it, a secret, perhaps that has been ferreted away by grandmothers throughout the whole history of crocheting…stuff.


So, when I found this pattern for a lovely Chevron handbag that was too dang cute to resist, I figured now must positively be the time.


Then, checking in my closet yarn stash, I found that I had EXACTLY the right amounts of EXACTLY the right colors of yarn. The stars were alining just as they should! So, I started one evening and discovered to my utter astonishment, that it was…easy.  Oh, happy day~ oh, happy da-ay!

I believe I am now officially addicted.


So, if you’re calling, or coming over or looking for me or wishing I’d answer my email or the phone or the door or make my way to the surface or call the mothership or come up for air…

I make no promises.

This old dog has learned a new trick.

And I’m pretty darn happy about it.

I’ll send up a flare when I’m finished.

Watch for it.


3 Replies to “One Very New Trick”

  1. This is a VERY awesome trick that I know you’ve been wondering about for a while so it’s awesome that you’ve learned how to do it. Way to go!!!

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