Off We Go!

Roadtrip Day 1

With  just a few meager weeks of summer left to us–if was obvious that a huge, wonderful, amazing trip of some kind was in order. Not just any trip, but a real, live road trip.

A magnamonious one.

We are indeed ready and waiting…seat belts fastened…sippy within reach. If you’ve been following carefully, you may have a clue where we’re headed. If not, just follow along.

Here we go!

We have about 7 or 8 hours of driving ahead of us–so toddler entertainment is essential.

Big people entertainment is dang important too. We played the license plate game that kept us busy for a lonnnng time. We even spotted a Maine and Alaska–clear out here in the mid-west.  Stunning I tell you. But I’m holding out for Hawaii.

Well, I am.

Pretty easy to tell when we crossed the border into Wyoming because there were THESE stores all over the place, but since the type of fireworks they carry in there are totally illegal in our home state…we just kept on driving.

Til lunchtime that is. Taco Bell is a lovely place to take a break. Oh, and I showed my BagBag–the one made from Taco Bell bags–to the Taco Bell ladies. They told me to send a picture to the corporate because, “they’d be dang impressed.” Who knows? Might be good for a free Chalupa or something.

Most of us were just glad to get out and stretch around for a minute.

Then, of course, it was back in the car, for more…

of this…

and this…

and this.

Luckily, we had a bit of “Ponyo” going on as well. This, my friends, is one high-tech road trip.

Which is lucky, because there was a heck of a lot of this to look at. Beautiful, yes…but after a few hours…

even the most stalwart travelers get hazy.

The scenery was occasionally broken up by construction cones–we have them at home, thank you very much–and…

huge piles of sand. Almost thought we’d driven clear to Egypt when I saw this one.

After the pyramid thing, it was pretty exciting to see a semi-truck filled with Burmuda onions.

Filled, I tell y0u.

At the end of the day we were so pleased with the good natured, patient, happy little travelers we have here.

Yes…yes. What good-natured, patient, exhausted travelers we have here.

Sleep well my lovelies.

We have a big, big day tomorrow!

7 Replies to “Off We Go!”

  1. Those pictures remind me of my childhood. Every summer my entire family (all 9 of us) would squeeze into our Suburban and go for a fun road trip. The silly games we used to play and I have seen a Hawaii license plate when I lived in Kansas.

  2. What a good summary of the day! Very impressed with your skills 🙂 It’s crazy how much you can fit into one day…. so… much… driving!

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!! I love that we really did go!!! It’s weird though because I think the planet knows we’re back and thinks it’s ok for it to be Fall now! 😐 AHHH! I didn’t know we were making Summer end by going! 😐 Thanks for documenting this trip… it’ll be lots easier to Scrapbook, if I ever do that again! 😉

  4. I love the hat, blanket and flip flops! looks just like all my girls when we are traveling. I hope you have way too much fun, and I have to admit I love traveling so much more since we have a portable DVD player to keep the kids occupied. It takes alot of the misery out of the day!!!

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