Musical Chairs

There was a day, long ago, a day I miss deeply now–

when there was some kind of music coming from several different corners in our house, at the same time. Over the years we’ve had a couple of flutes, a clarinet, a French horn, a couple of violins, and always, always there seems to have been a child sitting at the piano. I know that my memory is very selective about this, but I’m fine with recalling our family’s musical years as a lovely melodic blur.

Of course with all those instruments there also came lessons and practicing–oh the practicing that went on…and the treats we bribed the young musicians with. All for the promise of another version of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to be played for me.

And how they played.

I was asked often how I could stand so much beginner noise in all it’s difficult phases and it surprised them to hear that I loved it…all of it. Though I never played anything myself, really, the instruments fascinated me–and so did the ability to pull a sweet sound from so many different places. As a mother–it’s always incredible to hear your own child create something beautiful–

that you did not teach them.

After all these years, most of the music is quiet now. The once avid players each found different places to spend their creative energies–jobs, missions, marriage, housework, church work and babies. That’ll certainly do it.

But–how I miss the music.

I’m waiting for the day when one of the new children–my musicians children–will come running in with a familiar shaped case and say, “Grammy–wanna hear me play?”

I know just what I’ll do…

I’ll smile and nod and get comfortable in a soft, easy chair. I’ll close my eyes.

and listen to the dear, sweet, scratchy sound of each note.

“Twink-le, twink-le lit-tle star, how I won-der what you are…”

I just hope I don’t start to cry.

Indeed…I can hardly wait to say, “Oh, please, please…

…play for me.

3 Replies to “Musical Chairs”

  1. Adorable pictures! I never learned to play an instrument. John played the viola when he was younger.

  2. Hi launi,
    I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and wonder how much it would cost to get a hypno birthing cd. I have mine from 3 years ago. Can you believe that my little Josh will be 3 in 5 days. It is all scratched up. We currently live in Payson but I can come and pick up the cd anytime.
    I am not sure how labor is going to play out this time. My gestational Diabetes seems worse and more than likely I will be going on insulin before this little boy is born.
    I am planning on doing things a little diffenent this time. I was really worried about how things where going to go and I thought impression came to me use both the epidural and the hypn birthing. I will let both work for me. I am sure that I will be induced and I am sure I will not really be ready to be induced which can cause for a long delivery. I just feel like if I have the relaxation of hypno birthing along with the epidural I can tell my body that it is okay to have this baby.

    I am really not sure what to expect it all depends on how my body handles the gestational diabetes, plus I am group b positive and I only got one dose of the antibiotics with Josh and I would really like to at least get the recommended 2 doses.

    I just want to go into this labor prepared. Either way I decide. I love hypno birthing I still use the breathing technic all the time. With Josh being posterior I am just afraid of that happening again. Honestly at times it felt like my body was being pulled apart length wise. I felt I had not control of my body. The hypno birthing worked because even though I felt that way the mid wife had not Idea. I was quiet. She was really impressed that I delivered him in the posterior position and that I did it naturally.

    Sorry that was long.

  3. Well you struck a CHORD with me! Hardy har har… To think of our little ones running around singing and playing and practicing and maybe dancing and all sorts of stuff totally makes me cry! 🙂 I’m sure it’s the “Julie Through The Glass” Syndrome that I have. 😉

    I miss the music too sometimes. I’ll have to start playing the piano again… if there’s ever a minute or two! 😉

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