Moving Day~


About a month after we moved to the cute little house, we came back to actually get most of our things. Rhen wanted to get as much actual moving-our-stuff-out-and-over-to-the-house as possible in one trip, so he just broke down and rented a U-haul. That’s a big truck.


I’d been packing for weeks and weeks, so most of our things were in boxes…


but, oh, my GOODness–I have soooo much STUFF!


But the guys were patient and kind and hard working and packed that big, old truck, not once…

but TWICE.

moving 6

Then they drove it allll the way…


to my cute little house up the road.


The weather was pretty dang soggy, but they didn’t seem to notice. Guys are such a wonderful idea. haha.


They packed as much as they could into the carport, and put everything else…


in the front room…


and family room.


I’m sooooo excited to start putting things where they belong. Some of this stuff, I haven’t seen in a few years.

I’ll be digging out for a bit…

and loving every second.




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  1. Moving day is always really hard. You didn’t have luck with the weather but you kept your spirit high! Great work! I wish you all the best at the new place!

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