Minor Changes

When my Daney boy walks back through the door–in less than 2 days–he’s going to find a few surprises.

For instance–these little birdies–

are a little bit…


and there’s a new man in my life…named Mr. Caine.

He’ll find that this slick spot has been replaced…

by this. Miracle Gro is an amazing product.

Where there was just dirt…

there are a million flowers…

and ripe, red strawberries…well almost.

Why, even the  “more substantial” mom that he left…is a…ahhh… lesser person…these days…so-to-speak.  ;}

The wild lands…

have been tamed…

and where there were a few Patriots…

there are now Vikings.

These two dudes…

have a birdie he’s never even met before.

With all these surprises, I wonder if he will notice a huge new thing…

his mama…

is a happy little blogger.

~one more day~one more day~one more day~

19 Replies to “Minor Changes”

  1. Lovely post is the concensus 🙂 He will definitely come running to you first Mama. He said in his last letter how half of Lithuania knows of his Mama. While of course he also mentioned how much he loves all of his family, know that you hold a special place in his heart that you will see soon.

    Love you!! Only one day more! I’ve woken up several times during the night just thinking about how exciting tomorrow will be!

  2. And that window behind Dane in the first picture now has curtains. But the biggest change will be…he HAS to speak ENGLISH again!

  3. No, no the biggest change will be HIM (I know this from experience). He will now be the righteous MAN you raised him to be and more of all the good that he was before he left. The rule is you get 15 min with him all by yourself before you get home (at the end of the parking garage, back seat of the van, in a closet when you get home??? – what ever you can work out) because that may be the last you see of him alone as he moves onto the rest of his life.

  4. I just keep thinking, “Give me MY BOY!!” And they’re finally going to. I want to take a long nap to make tomorrow come sooner. But we’ll keep cleaning and then tomorrow will be a baking frenzy…you know…just in case he’s in the mood for some mama food.


  5. Well…considering the chatty family genes he’s blessed with–I’m thinking he’ll go ok with that one pretty darn soon. heh, heh. And it all came back quite quickly on the phone calls that we had here and there.
    I’m SO-SO-SO-SO-SO-SO excited!

  6. oh it makes me tear up, I am so excited for you! I remember when we first moved into the ward and we were giving talks in sacrament, Dane was giving his farewell talk. We got to share the stand with him.

  7. I just excited to have him and his sweet laughter back in our world. We’ll take whatever pieces we get. So far, his plans are to go to UVU–so hopefully we have him for a minute. Besides…I have a nice, shiny pair of hand cuffs–just in case.

    Good to plan ahead.

    Oh, and the Stake President said that he won’t be able to officially release him until about 5 the next day so I get to be his companion. HA! Pretty cool.

  8. Holy cow…I didn’t realize that. Well that just makes me happy. There really aren’t that many people who even knew him in this ward. So at least there’s you guys.


  9. I am so excited for you, Launi! And for me too!! This is WAY better than Christmas, isn’t it?

    And what beautiful grandbabies!!!!

  10. Wayyyy better-and that’s saying something because it’s hard to top Christmas! Dane is going to go nuts over these babies. That was the hardest thing for him to leave, and now they are actually little “people.”
    What does Kedrick want to do when he gets home?

  11. Ked will be starting school at Utah State this fall. Until then he’ll be working and trying to get the $350 car my husband found him road worthy! What are Dane’s plans?

  12. How exciting!!! I can just imagine your face tomorrow when you see him. You must be one proud mama. I know I am smiling just thinking about it & I don’t even know your Dane. But from knowing you, he has to be something special. He has to, your his mama. I’ll be thinking of your joy tomorrow. Take care & try not to squeeze him to death when you see him.

  13. You are so sweet…and quite honestly I do run the risk of either squeezing too hard or just plain never letting go.

    I miss you Kim.

  14. I’m SOOO freaking excited!!! *:D* I’m trying not to get SICK excited!!! He’s just going to LOVE Baby Chomp and the twins are going to crack him up! YAAAY!!!

  15. I love this post! What fun updates (including the Miracle Gro ;)). So much has changed in two years, all for the better 😀 … Can’t wait to re-meet Dane!!!

    (I wonder how different HE’s going to be?!) 😉

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