Mini Caramel Apples

One of the lovely things about this Halloween-ish time of year, is that glorious treats like molasses cookies and candy corn are everywhere–well, at our house anyway–which is just how it should be in a well ordered kingdom {ahem}.

Being surrounded by little people–as we are, creates a particular challenge when making caramel apples–because they are just too big for the short folk to manage. Slicing them helps, of course, but still–I can’t bear the waste…it pains my tender, caramel-apple-loving soul.

So look what we’ve discovered on the pages of Disney’s Family Fun magazine—Mini Caramel Apples–and zero percent blasphemous waste!! Wa-flogging-hoo!

This is simple stuff here too. You’ll need butterscotch chips, sucker sticks, sprinkles, a good melon baller…

and of course—apples. You, my darlings, are going to love this.

Scoop the apple into tons of teeny, tiny little balls. This was so fun and you can actually get quite a few out of one apple–which is what I did.

Break the sucker sticks in half and poke them in the skin side of the apple. I made a tiny cut in the peel with a paring knife first so that the sticks went in easier.

Melt the butterscotch chips over medium heat and dip the apples in. You can roll them around and cover more of the green–

but I kinda liked how it looked with this much color showing. Do whatever floats your boat–it’ll be fine.

Before they set, dip the bottoms in your favorite sprinkles, toffee, or chopped nuts….

and let them set in the tiny paper cups–if you want. Now just try to tell me these bite-sized sweeties aren’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen…go ahead try.Ā  I triple dog dare you.

See? You can’t.

I told you.

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37 Replies to “Mini Caramel Apples”

  1. Well, we really didn’t have any to share because they are so easy to just pop in your mouth…as you…you know…pass by. I’m pathetic.

    Oh, and my sister brought some stuff by for you today. :}

  2. so clever! I love candy apples but never buy them because they are too hard to mess with- this is just a great idea!

  3. I was really surprised at how much the butterscotch tasted like the caramel–that would never stick to the flesh of the apple. They were great…no lie.

  4. I was amazed at how easy they were too. You should have seen the baby walking around with one in her hand. It was pretty cute…and just her size too.

  5. OMGosh, Launi, what a great idea! I don’t particularly like a big caramel apple, just not enough caramel! Caramel with every single bite…..heaven! I need some apples!

  6. this is wonderful! Im going to try this one soon. I really want Foodista readers to find this post, I hope you could add this caramel apple widget at the end of this post. I really like what you made with this recipe. Thanks!

  7. I just tried this and I need to know what I did wrong. I couldn’t get the butterscotch to stick to the apples. Is there a secret? Should it be very hot or just cool? Help, because I really want to make these.

  8. No, not really very hot…just hot enough to melt the chips. The butterscotch wasn’t so hot that it was liquid–I think that will help. If your apples are really juicy then dab them with a paper towel and de-juice them as much as you can. Also, I dipped them up to the peel so the butterscotch had a dry surface to start with and then it just stuck to the rest. I hope this helps. These were really fun and I want you to be able to make them too!
    Let me know…

  9. These are so cute! Question – If I wanted to cut them up ahead of time – and have a “topping station” – Do you know how I could keep the apples from browning?
    Or should I make a bunch of them up ahead of time?

  10. I have been doing these since my grand daughter was in 2nd grade. she is now in the 7th grade. I’m sure she will try to figure out a way for me to take these to school this year they don’t have parties anymore. I have always used peanut butter cause the caramel does not work. I’ll try the butterscotch. I still take them to her 2nd grade teacher for her class.

  11. How long will these stay good for?! These look amazing and wanting to make tem for y daughters harvest themes first bday šŸ™‚ and I’m hoping I could make them the day before?!

  12. I want to make these the night before a party. Can they be refrigerated or is it better to leave them on the ccounter?

  13. I made your caramel apple bites this week, and they turned out so well, I submitted it to Pin-N-Tell and they are going to feature your pin (post I guess) and the pic of mine! šŸ˜€
    (I’m not from pin-n-tell, just wanted to say thanks and let you know!)

  14. I love this idea! However, when I was heating the butterscotch chips (Hershey’s brand) at medium heat, I couldn’t melt them into a smooth liquid. It became hard and somewhat chalky in texture. Is there a trick? Should I use a double boiler or add oil to the mix? Do I need to use a specific brand?

    Thanks for your tips!

  15. Yeah…that’s a sure fire sign that it got too hot, too fast and “broke.” A double boiler or low heat is the answer. Sorry about that.

  16. As a recently diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic who is struggling with the loss of so many goodies, I am excited to try this out. This is the perfect size treat.

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  18. I would hate to waste an entire apple especially Granny Smith’s since they are my favorite, can you only use butterscotch not caramel?

  19. Since the apple flesh is so juicy–the caramel just slides off. The butterscotch just seems to stick better. It does taste surprisingly similar though. :]

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