Memorial…the Day


This day has always been about families. Pulling everyone together to remember those who aren’t with us right now. In a lovely way, it is also about flowers.


Bundles and bundles…


of real flowers…


to leave with a few people  we love, and miss very much.


Great Grama Beck—the only doctor type person in town way back then and who sewed a neighbor’s scalp back on after a mule kicked him in the head.


My momma’s brother who took one breath on the day he was born then closed his eyes again.


My grama who once gave a kid a black eye for calling her little brother a “dirty farm kid.”

And my grampa who used to be a magician and could escape from being wrapped with chains–in 3 minutes.


My great-great grandpa who gave Orson Hyde a purse of gold for his mission to the Holy Land a long time ago.


We have spent this day remembering our family, with my mom and dad so many times–it seems impossible that now we are remembering them. How can it be?


My lovely flower bearers…


…and our tiniest blossom–so she will know the goodness that she comes from, and never forget.

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was wonderful for you all.

2 Replies to “Memorial…the Day”

  1. I’m sure she knows some of that goodness better than we realize!!! 🙂 She was hanging out with family before she got here!!!

    Yesterday was nice!!! I really like the bunches of flowers… it seemed more personal than the potted ones! 🙂 We’ll have to do that again next year!!!

  2. I love stories like that. I am a history fan and I love family stories. We haven’t been to the cemetary where my family is buried in a long time. I am going to have to make a trip out there soon.

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