Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day~

was what it has been…

since we moved to Utah 34 years ago.

In California, where I grew up, I honestly had no idea that the day existed because we were first generation Californians–

and we had no family there to honor.

But once my Mama brought us all back “home” where all her family lived…

she showed us the way that she had grown up celebrating this very special day.

My mama would get up early and cut her beloved iris and peonies and put them in buckets of water so they’d open just right.

Once we got to the cemetery she’d arrange the flowers in huge baskets and put them on her mama and daddy’s graves.

I think it made them smile.

She always had a small arrangement for her baby brother too.

My children grew up loving Memorial Day– as a day full of baskets and green grass and kisses and cousins and flags and wet feet and laughing. But it was mostly a beautiful bright summer day with Grandma and Grandpa and lots and lots of flowers. Now, all these years later–it still is.

And I think it makes them smile.

6 Replies to “Memorial Day”

  1. Memorial Day is a great holiday because it makes it so easy to honor those who serve us, along with remembering everyone that we love on the other side. I miss them so much, but I’m SO grateful to know we’ll see our sweet relatives again some day. Thanks for helping us keep this great tradition. It means a lot to me. 🙂

  2. Snif…:) Thanks Aunt Launi, those are great memories! 🙂 Cute pictures too.

  3. I really love that you have a photo there on the grave as well. That’s something I just may need to incorporate into our Memorial Day visit to the cemetery.

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