‘Les Miserables’ the Movie!!

Oh, my goodness. I just saw this and was about ready to post it on Facebook. But it seemed much bigger than a little 2 minute thing. It feels HUGE! I’ve watched the preview about 20 times and now this. I love that we can hear how all these fabulous people sing. How is it that everybody in Hollywood can sing? What the heck?

And for the nasty old innkeepers?

Could it possibly get any better?!

I’m so excited about this I could just cry. It may just be the very first time I’ve wanted to go to the movies on Christmas Day. I won’t. But certain I’ll be there the next day.

Are you sooo excited to see it too?


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6 Replies to “‘Les Miserables’ the Movie!!”

  1. I know, I saw this already, and I freaked out! It is…. just awe inspiring! Man alive, I never cared about movies in December but this changed my mind. Truly.

  2. Count me in!!! I want to go SOOO BAD! This looks amazing. At first I wasn’t sure what it would be like, but after watching the trailer it was AWESOME! Eeek!

  3. Sure hope they don’t mess it up with material the lands it with an R rating. I read the unabridged book several years before there was music to go with it, and as much as I love the music and the emotion it brings to this story there are songs and scenes that today’s directors have taken WAY too far.

  4. I definitely geeked out when I found out that they were keeping true to the musical–FINALLY! So great. I’m excited. I absolutely loved watching that clip when it came out. Gives me shivers!

  5. This looks like it’s going to be really great! No need to see it right on Christmas Day though, we can all wait…



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