Lacy Handwarmers

We haven’t had much snow this winter–almost none–but that hasn’t kept the temperature from dipping down below freezing. Since the heater in my car has had a mind of it’s own lately, I decided that some wrist warmers might just be the thing to keep my nippy little fingers from chilling right off. And since I have all those pretty wool colors…

and since wool is so naturally warm, AND since this beautiful Rowan Wool is soft and very UN-wool-like, I’m thinking this’ll do the trick.

What do you think? Aren’t they just scrumptious? They remind me of a big bowl of luscious raspberry sherbet–which I use to have at my birthday parties, years ago–only much, much…you know…warmer.

Heh, heh.

10 Replies to “Lacy Handwarmers”

  1. Those are SO cute!! Show off 😉 I finally finished your other glove – just have to weave all the ends in now. Sorry it’s taken me so long!!!

  2. So cute. I have wanted to make something similar for myself for some time but can only find a ‘knitted’ pattern. I don’t knit I only crochet. Are yours knitted or crocheted? If they are crocheted where did you get such a cute pattern?

  3. I’m telling you–crocheting is just faster than knitting. Knitting is very cool, but all those teeny tiny stitches…

  4. These are totally crochet–I don’t actually have a clue how to knit. I combined a couple of patterns that I saw online and came up with these. I’ll have to write the pattern down and post it. I’ll work on that. :}

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