Independence Day

The little folks waited patiently all day long for the sky to get dark enough, and at last–at LAST…

it did!

Since the Masters of the Universe just recently changed the firework laws in our state–because of the rain, I bet– now aerial fireworks are legal. That will sure shake things up a bit!

So, of course, we had front row seats…

to one of the best shows on earth.

We even had Popsicles…

and lots of umbrellas. Yes-siree, this was a first…

watching beautiful fireworks in the warm, summer rain.

I read somewhere that turkeys can actually drown in a rainstorm–because the silly creatures keep looking straight up.

It felt kinda like that.

:} Hope your holiday was wonderful!!

2 Replies to “Independence Day”

  1. We aren’t really big into fireworks in our home. John says it sounds too close to gun fire. Anyway, I am glad you had a good time. Was this in the neighborhood?

  2. It was interesting to be the one watching them from inside the house. Baby Chomp isn’t a fan… yet! 😉 Hopefully she’ll grow into it. 😀

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