How To Be An American

Sep11th1I only have little ones, right now. Two 20-month-olds, to be exact. And while I know it’s too early for patriot stories, and lessons on territory disputes, and tea parties (the Boston kind)–I know it’s never too early to start teaching little souls what really matters. Like courage, and respect, and bravery. It’s not too early for them to learn reverence for solemn things, and love for people who sacrifice. Even if they aren’t in a developmental place where they can comply with the teachings, those sweet babies notice when I stop and feel. They notice, and to my amazement, generally reflect my mood. They feel. And so, when we speak of things like wars, and remembrances, of towers and countries, and constitutions, I want my sweethearts to understand how much was paid for them to enjoy the life they have. I want them to grow up with a profound sense of gratitude, and a knowledge of how and why their country works. Sep11th3

I am a part of a generation that says a lot, and does very little. Especially in the political arena. We protest, we complain, we bash, we YouTube. And yet, I find that when I actively question many of my peers on the issues they are protesting, or supporting, they have a very finite understanding of how this country works. Of why this country works. Many of them have never even read the constitution, or know how many branches of government we have. Sep11th5

I want my children to know. To know the heritage they are a part of. The country that they must be actively engaged in maintaining. And so far, I’ve found that the best way to teach them is by example. Sep11th2

Today, I’m going to learn a little bit more about this place I call home. I’m going to say a prayer of thanks for those who have gone before. I’m going to remember those who fell, whether on this day 6 years ago, or in the centuries preceding.Sep11th4

And hopefully someday they’ll see my example, and fold their arms, too.

~ April


Week 26 Food Storage Prompt: 100 lbs. wheat

4 Replies to “How To Be An American”

  1. Beautiful.

    Your babies do feel. You’ve done a good job! 🙂 They’ll fold their arms. We can learn from you… and them.

    God bless the USA!

  2. I always look forward to days like today, 4th of July, and Veteran’s Day because that is when most people are at their best. It is sad that some people only show how patriotic they are on specific days. I am not the best at knowing specific dates or details of IMPORTANT days in our past but I try to be as true to my country as possible. I tear up every time I hear “The Star Spangled Banner” and men in uniform. It is so powerful!

  3. What a beautiful post. Your babies will learn and remember because those who love them will. What a good Mama you are. I have been surprised all day that not one word has been spoken about it being “Patriot’s Day.” I rather thought that being on the East Coast it would be an especially big deal. Sad.

    I’m alone now while everyone else enjoys happy hour and I love the chance to think in the quiet and actually allow myself to feel something about the day. Thank you so much for this, Honey. I miss you all so much. Kiss those sweet babies for me. I love you.


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