Halloween Luminaries

A Halloween Party 016

Kinda pretty—

A Halloween Party 004

wouldn’t you say? And you know me–I need it to be fun and easy and if you can repurpose something in the process–well, then…it’s perfect.

All you need is:

a mummy dog 011

small jars–any size–we used baby food jars, tiny mustard jars and even a spaghetti sauce jar.

a mummy dog 016

tissue paper or crepe paper–we used orange, peach and purple–cut or torn into small pieces

Mod Podge–my new love in life

small paint brushes

LED candles–you can use real tea lamp candles, but it makes the surface of the jars tacky while they are hot. LED are better.

a mummy dog 018

Dab a tiny bit of Mod Podge onto the paintbrush…

A mummy dog 036

and paint it on the jar.

A mummy dog 035

Collect up a piece of tissue and stick it on the gluey spot.

A mummy dog 039

Cover the entire piece with the glue–top and bottom.

A mummy dog 040

Keep collecting and pasting and covering your tissue pieces until you have covered every inch of the bottle.

A mummy dog 069

Set them somewhere upside down to allow them to dry. You may just be surprised at how really beautiful they look.

A mummy dog 071

You could even sneak a face on one of them when no one is looking.

A Halloween Party 023

Fancy them up with ribbon or raffia…

A Halloween Party 014

Or leave them plain. Insert the LED lights in the bottom of the jars. Turn down the big lights and try dinner by… luminaries. I think you’ll like it!Ā 

8 Replies to “Halloween Luminaries”

  1. OK, so NOW I know how you get all these darling projects for us…you don;t SLEEP! I see you posted this about 2 in the morning?? You are a nut – but I’m glad you are ‘cos you give us soooo many darling ideas šŸ™‚

  2. I always have empty baby food jars laying around. You could even change up the color of the tissue paper for any holiday. So fun! I was glad to see your cute face last night! šŸ˜‰

  3. Great idea. I have tons of those little baby food jars and my husband thinks I am NUTS for keeping them. I would just love to show him that I have a good use for them and my son would love to help make them too.

  4. I really like how these turned out! I thought you were going to make them all Jack-o-Lanterns… but you had more in mind than just that, of course! SO cool!

  5. Oooooh, I really like that with the lights in them! It completely changes the look and feel to them. Beautiful!

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